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Continuity of care is at the heart of what we do. Our approach maintains the legacy of trust you’ve built with your patients with as little disruption as possible.

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We can’t provide excellent care without excellent people. So, you can rest assured knowing there will be minimal disruption to staff during the transition and beyond.

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We believe pharmacies are the cornerstone of communities. That’s why we want to celebrate the reputation you’ve built, not eliminate it.

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Thinking Of Selling Your Pharmacy

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When you choose to sell to Neighbourly Pharmacy, you’re choosing to trust us with your patients, your team, and your community. As the fastest growing pharmacy network in Canada, we’ve built a reputation of doing what we say and saying what we do. So, you can rest assured knowing the exceptional level of care and service that you’ve built will be protected.

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What Makes a Good Neighbour?

  • You’re based in a rural or suburban community or within an established medical clinic
  • You’re an essential healthcare provider in the community
  • You focus on your patient first
  • You share our values of trust and patient care

You’re in Good Hands

Selling your business isn’t a small decision. That’s why we work with you to make the process as comfortable and seamless as possible. Our dedicated centralized and regional teams support the transition while our flexible approach can be tailored to your needs and timelines. Plus, you never need to worry about commissions or broker fees.


Are there any circumstances under which you wouldn’t retain a pharmacy’s staff?

We certainly haven’t encountered this situation. Perhaps if all the staff wanted to retire, but we would try to convince them that we’d like them to stay. Ultimately, if someone wants to leave, they will leave.

I heard that a lot of pharmacy acquisitions have had trouble closing. Why is this, and what makes you different?

The biggest obstacle to closing the purchase of a pharmacy occurs when the buyer needs to get bank or other financing to raise enough cash to pay you (sometimes called a financing condition in an offer to buy your business). As lenders are now being much more careful with the amount of money that they’re willing to lend, sellers are often finding that they accept an offer and then are trapped for up to half a year while the buyer attempts to convince lenders to lend the money. And when they cannot, the seller is then forced to go back to buyers half a year later to see if they’re still interested. We are increasingly finding that sellers are getting trapped in that circumstance. And, understandably, buyers are much less willing to work with a seller after they have been rejected before.

At Neighbourly, all of our transactions are made in cash and do not rely on third-party financing.

How do you keep the transactions confidential?

We stake our reputation on our integrity, which is paramount to any transaction. To ensure integrity, confidentiality is a must.

What’s the difference between a purchaser and a broker?

A Broker is a person or company you contract to sell your pharmacy and for that privilege they charge you a fee. We are not that person or company. We buy, we operate. Nothing else. Working with us means that you do not need to share any of the value you have created with someone else.

How long will the process of selling my pharmacy take?

You are in control of that timeline. You decide how quickly or how slowly you wish to proceed.

Once we have the basic information, we can turn around an offer for you in days. And once we both agree on terms, we can generally close in less than two months.

(Of course, because the timeline for college notification is different in each province, the exact timeline can change.)

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